Grand Theft Auto - Backup is a must have program for any GTA PC player, modder or not!
Further development of GTA Backup is currently on hold. Please see this post for more details and how you may be able to help.

What Is GTA Backup?
GTA Backup is a small program that will automatically backup your saved games when you launch and while you play a GTA game launched via this program.

What Games Does GTA Backup Work With?
GTA Backup supports GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas, IV and Episodes From Liberty City.

Do I Really Need GTA Backup?
Every PC gamer has lost saved games due to a bad mod, hard drive problem or accidental deletion.
Unfortunately it is only after you lose a saved game that this question will be answers for you.
So save yourself the pain of having to start your game over, and download GTA Backup now.

How Do I Install GTA Backup?
Simply extract the downloaded zip file to your desired location. When you run GTA Backup for the first time, click the settings button and check the paths for each game are correct.
The default settings should be correct if you installed your games with the default settings, other than GTA IV & EFLC. GTA IV & EFLC require you to select your saved games location.

When Does A Backup Get Done?
By default GTA Backup will check if a backup is required (if the saved game file has changed) while you are playing (every 15 minutes) and when you close your GTA game.
You can however customize when GTA Backup will check your saves, by selecting to backup Pre Run, During Run (Every 15 minutes) or Post Run.

Where Do Backups Get Saved?
GTA Backup puts your backed up saved games in a "backup" folder in the same location as your saved games. In the "backup" folder there is a child, parent, grand parent and archive structure.
Child backups are your most recent, then parent backups, then grand parent backups followed by archive backups which are compressed to save space.

How Can I Show My Appreciation?
By simply posting a thank you comment on GTA Garage or GTA Forums, I will know my time and effort has been worth wile.
If you are feeling really generous you can donate a little something via PayPal, by clicking the button below.

Download Now
Version Release Date Change Log Download
v1.4.0 Dec 31 2011 View Download
v1.3.1 Dec 29 2011 View Download
v1.3.0 Dec 28 2011 View Download
v1.2.0 Dec 27 2011 View Download
v1.1.0 Dec 17 2011 View Download
v1.0.0 Dec 9 2011 View Download

GTA V Background Pack
Excited about GTA V? Download the GTA V Background Pack and customize your GTA Backup program with the choice of six GTA V themed backgrounds.

Thank you very much for your intrest in Grand Theft Auto - Backup.
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