Why have eight or more icons on your desktop when you only need to have one?
Clean up your desktop and launch all your GTA games and mods from one simple window with GTA Launcher.

What Is GTA Launcher?
GTA Launcher is a small program that will allow you to clean up your dektop by having one icon to launch any of your GTA games or mods.

What Games Does GTA Launcher Work With?
GTA Launcher supports GTA 1, GTA London, GTA 2, GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA IV, GTA IV Episodes from Liberty City and upto 8 custom mods.

How Do I Install GTA Launcher?
GTA Launcher comes with a simple installer that will install GTA Launcher, place an icon on your desktop and in your start menu (if you wish).

What Size Should I Make My Custom Images?
Background image: 640 x 360
Launch & settings button images: 64 x 64
Game/Mod switch button images: 24 x 64

How Can I Show My Appreciation?
By simply posting a thank you comment on GTA Garage or GTA Forums I'll know my time and effort has been worth wile.
But if you are feeling really generous you can donate a little something via PayPal by clicking the button below.

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Download Now
Version Release Date Change Log Download
v1.1.0 Oct 7 2013 View Download
v1.0.0 Sep 10 2013 View Download

Thank you very much for your intrest in GTA Launcher.
If you have any question please post them over on GTA Garage or GTA Forums.